IMCK Board Meeting

The IMCK Board of Directors met on May 18-20, 2011 and took the following actions :


  1. Re-elected Dr. Larry Sthreshley as Chairman,


  1. Presented and confirmed the 18 month contract for the Acting Director of the IMCK Dr. Denis Pirlot de Corbion,


  1. Adopted the following vision statement:


  1. The draft audit report was read and discrepancies noted but action was deferred until the Acting Director could deal with the issues raised.  Approval of the accounts for 2009 and 2010 was postponed to the next meeting of the Board.


  1. A progress report from the Committee for collections and recoveries for the period March-April 2011 was read and members were thanked and encouraged to continue the good work.  [However, the minutes to not indicate the content of the report.]  Bonus incentives for the active members of the Committee will have a cap of 2% of the amount actually recovered and collection procedures will be streamlined.


  1. Based on the Acting Director’s presentation, an inventory of all fixed assets will be prepared, fully depreciated and with an evaluation of their functional status.


  1. Based on the Acting Director’s presentation, a proposed revision to the names and functions in the organization chart will be prepared.  In accordance with this, the chart of accounts will be revised and profit centers established to facilitate the analysis of performance.  Associated improvements to the general accounting system will be made and staffing competence needs reevaluated.


  1. A prospective budget will be proposed at the next meeting of the Board of Directors for 2012.


  1. A search will be started toward recruitment of a Chief Maintenance Engineer/Electrician trained at the university level.


  1. A search will be started toward recruitment of a highly qualified surgeon for PAX.  The search committee will report back to the Board in November, 2011.


  1. Chanimetal will be contacted for possible repair and/or replacement of all or part of the water tower.


  1. A proposal will be prepared for renovation of the medical laboratories in PAX and the HBB.


  1. Dr. John Fletcher reported on the current state of the hydroelectric plant. [But the content of the report is not included in the minutes.]


  1. For the purpose of setting a cap on debts allowed for contract customers, the Finance Committee will conduct a comparative study of fees for medical services in the Kananga market and, with the help of Mike Clement, will develop a revised list of IMCK fees.  Contract customers will be charged no more than 150% of the fees established for individuals.


  1. Resignation of the Assistant Business Manger was accepted and the duties of that position reassigned to other positions.  The search continues for a highly qualified Financial Manager.


  1. Project accounting will be strengthened by assigning each designated project a special account number, providing detailed descriptions of each with measurable target outcomes and sending donors detailed reports.  The “Healthy Mothers Healthy Children" project will come under the direct supervision of Dr. Sthreshley and IMCK Management will analyse the prorata portions of some employees’ time and salaries that may be chargeable to project funds.


  1. The ISTM will develop ways, means and a fundraising strategy for the acquisition of equipment and running costs of the ISTM.  ISTM will have financial autonomy from IMCK through its own constitution and bylaws but remain under supervision by the Board of IMCK.  A feasibility study will be conducted to determine the threshold of profitability based on the number of students enrolled.  In the meantime, ISTM will present a 3-year budget showing their needs, including salaries and fees.  This budget must be renewed annually.  Mr. Ntumba Simon will explore mechanisms for the self-financing of the ISTM.


  1. The IMCK is awaiting a response from the letter sent to DGRAD by the CPC. This letter was sent with a copy including the Attorney General who argued the IMCK case.  [DGRAD is the major government agency owing money to IMCK as a delinquent contract customer.]


  1. The Director of the Dental Clinic, in collaboration with Management, will develop a development plan, a budget strategy and performance assessments, and potential donor contacts with a view toward seeking funding to provide quality dental service and to make the clinic a profit center.


  1. The next Board meeting will be held on 15 and 16 November 2011.