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Click Here for a Short Video on Sustainable Solutions   Refugees

Sustainability -- Everyone wants their charity donations to make a lasting difference...to solve a problem permanently, and not just see it come back again after the gift is gone.

Trouble is, when we provide modern new facilities or equipment at schools or hospitals in poor areas, that creates the need for higher operating costs and the local people simply cannot pay the fees needed to maintain and keep them running properly.

  As long as donations continue to mask these underlying problems, they will not go away.  In fact, they will get worse because prolonged bailouts create a culture of dependency.

How to correct this -- Most colleges and universities (whose fees alone do not cover costs) have found one part of the solution in permanent endowments. 

If this were applied to institutions in poor areas, the principal could be protected externally from misuse and the earnings applied to operating needs -- INDEFINITELY.  Once local management comes to view the distributed earnings as a routine part of their revenues, their habit of dependency on the largess of outside benefactors will diminish and more responsibility will be free to emerge.

We propose a DEMONSTRATION OF THIS CONCEPT in the most difficult situation we can find.  If it works there, then it can be applied to other situations where needs seem to be intractable.

An endowment has been started for a medical complex in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The principal, which is approaching $500,000, is being managed by the Houston-based Medical Benevolence Foundation (http://mbfoundation.org/).  Disbursements from gains and earnings are planned to begin when the corpus has reached $2 million.  Read more in the tabs below about this institution:

The Congo is Bleeding!


From bad government...

From conflict over it's rich mineral resources...

From ignorance and poverty and disease and violence and corruption and greed and hopelessness...










  • IMCK
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Schools
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Women's Center
  • Public Health
  • Nutrition Center
  • Interns and Residents
  • Financials
  • Infrastructure
  • Location

IMCK -- "Institut Medical Chretien du Kasai" (Kasai Christian Medical Institute)

This is the umbrella organization that includes all the other departments and services you see in the above tabs.  Click on them to learn more.  IMCK is governed by an independent Board of Directors and has been in operation for over 60 years, through political instability, economic stagnation and violent upheavals.

  • MAIN HEADQUARTERS BUILDING Business Office, Director, Administrator housed here. MAIN HEADQUARTERS BUILDING
  • GOOGLE EARTH VIEW OF IMCK CAMPUS Touch or click on the picture to stop the slide show and study the layout. Click on any thumbnail below to go to that picture. GOOGLE EARTH VIEW OF IMCK CAMPUS
  • 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION IN 2004 Shirts and skirts made for the occasion! 50TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION IN 2004
  • LOGO FOR THE IMCK FOUNDATION This is the organization hosting this website and working to raise an endowment. LOGO FOR THE IMCK FOUNDATION
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Taken at one of the on-site meetings in the last few years.
  • IMCK LOGO Tshikaji is the name of the village where the campus is located. IMCK LOGO

The Good Shepherd Hospital is a full-service 160 bed hospital with 7 resident doctors on staff in various specialties.  It features surgical, maternity and pediatric units, as well as lab, pharmacy and diagnostic imaging.  It serves as

  • A teaching hospital for nurses and medical interns & residents,
  • A major referral hospital for the Kasai area of the Congo and
  • The hub of an outpatient clinic network and the government's public health programs in region.

  • Google Earth Image of Hospital Campus Google Earth Image of Hospital Campus Touch the picture to stop the slide show and study the layout. Note: "Tshilala Benyi" is the Congo version of a Ronald McDonald House.
  • Entrance to the Good Shepherd Hospital Entrance to the Good Shepherd Hospital Bon Berger is Good Shepherd in French. Patient families waiting to visit.
  • Surgical Team at Work Surgical Team at Work Congolese surgeons teaching new Congolese doctors.
  • Post Surgical Patient Post Surgical Patient Trauma is only one of many surgical needs.
  • Pediatric Unit Pediatric Unit Orthopedic problems are only one of many pediatric conditions presented.
  • Maternity Unit Maternity Unit Mother with preemie in incubator.

IMCK operates two schools for nursing and laboratory technology. 

The first is a high school level program for lab technicians and general nursing, roughly comparable to Licensed Practical Nurses in America.  However, in the Congo these "A2" nurses carry much more responsibility than their American counterparts.  This high school program has about 100 students.  About 60% are women.  This school has been independently rated as one of the top nursing schools in the Congo.

The second is a university level program that offers specialties in Health Administration, Midwifery, Pediatric Nursing and Laboratory techology.  The "A1" nursing graduates from this program are comparable to Registered Nurses in America.  This college started the 2016-17 academic year with 306 students.  About 60% are women.

  • High School Nursing Class High School Nursing Class A2 Nursing Students in uniform
  • Class in Session Class in Session Who has the answer to the question?
  • Nursing Students in Practicum Nursing Students in Practicum Bedside hospital experience
  • University Students in Nursing University Students in Nursing Count the numbers of men and women.
  • Laboratory Student Laboratory Student Microscope practice to find the Malaria parasite, among other things.
  • Commencement Exercises Commencement Exercises Graduates are found all over the Congo and even in other countries.

The hospital has an integral outpatient clinic on site for walk-ins and acts as the hub for a network of clinics in surrounding villages.  Some have permanent facilities and some are staffed by mobile units that visit regularly by bicycle or motorcycle.

In the city of Kananga (population ~1 million), about ten miles from the main campus, IMCK also operates a large in-town multipurpose clinic called "PAX", that offers dental, opthalmic, lab and pharmacy services.  It also has a 15 bed maternity unit with deliveries and pre- and post-natal clinics.  It is in the process of upgrading this to a full service Women's Health Center.

  • Ophthalmology Examination Ophthalmology Examination Eye exam at the PAX clinic
  • Out Patient Examination Out Patient Examination Taking blood pressure
  • Out Patient Waiting Room Out Patient Waiting Room Patient patients!
  • Dental Chair Dental Chair Dental care at the PAX clinic

The Women's Center, which is currently under construction, will offer a full range of maternity and OB/GYN services. 

It will have a fully functional operating theater with recovery rooms, nurses station, consultation rooms, teaching facility and on-staff doctors.

  • Abused Women Need Help Abused Women Need Help Half of all women in the Congo have been subjected to some form of physical violence.
  • Mother and Child Mother and Child Modern delivery facilities.
  • Women's Center Plans Women's Center Plans A modern facility dedicated to treating all women's health needs.
  • Operating Room Under Construction Operating Room Under Construction Auditorium for women's health education in the foreground.
  • Women's Rest and Recuperation Women's Rest and Recuperation With trained and caring staff.

The public health and outreach program operates through the network of village clinics -- some permanent and some with mobile services via motorcycle or bicycles. 

It provides immunizations, well baby and pre-natal clinics, nutrition education, development of clean water and sanitation facilities, etc.

  • OB-GYN OB-GYN Also pre-natal, post-natal and well baby clinics.
  • Blood Pressure Blood Pressure Basic testing and screening.
  • Clean Water Clean Water A huge need and a huge health impact when provided.
  • Vehicles Vehicles to carry clinicians to villages and villages to the hospital for emergencies.
  • Immunizations Immunizations The whole gamut...
  • PAX Waiting Room PAX Waiting Room Crowded with lots of customers.
  • PAX Dental Clinic PAX Dental Clinic Street scene in Kananga.
  • PAX Opthalmolgy PAX Opthalmolgy Full service.

A resident nutrition rehabilitation center is operated adjacent to the hospital for extremely malnourished children.  Nourishing meals are provided, using, in part, the locally grown and sustainable Moringa tree leaves which are extremely rich in protein and other essential vitamins and nutrients.. 

Mothers are taught the basics of good nutrition through classes and a demonstration garden so that they can maintain the health of their children when they are sent home.

  • Moringa Powder Moringa Powder Rich in protein, locally grown, leaves ground up as a food additive.
  • High Carb Diet High Carb Diet This is what we are trying to get people away from!
  • Teaching Women Farming Teaching Women Farming Teaching good methods and nutritious crop selection.
  • Nutrition Center Meals Nutrition Center Meals Preparing to feed the children.
  • Nutrition Center Children Nutrition Center Children Looking well fed and appreciative...for the moment.

The hospital provides mentored internships for senior medical students from medical schools in Kananga and Kinshasa, and residencies in family practice medicine for physicians from all over the Congo.

  • Intern Learning Pediatrics Intern Learning Pediatrics
  • Intern with Patient Intern with Patient
  • Residents Residents
  • Interns and Residents Interns and Residents
  • Female Intern with Patient Female Intern with Patient

The IMCK hospital, clinics and nursing schools are able to fund about half of their annual operating expenses from fees collected for services.  This is a remarkable achievement in a country rated as one of the very poorest in the world in per capita income, and wracked with political uncertainties and violence.  Even in the midst of local civil warfare, the IMCK campus at Tshikaji is recognized and respected by all sides as a non-combatant zone where all wounded are treated equally.

IMCK has a modern, computerized accounting system that is audited annually.  Financial decisions are made by the governing Board of Directors, directed by a management team with appropriate internal controls and carried out by a trained and competent staff.  Click here for more details.

The endowment fund being raised by Friends of IMCK is managed by the respected Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF) in Houston, Texas.  Donations through this certified 501(c)3 organizations are tax-free and securely invested in conservatively growth-oriented American mutual funds.  It's value has grown from its inception in late 2011 to more than $400,000 as of mid-2017.  Control and management of this endowment is governed by written agreements between MBF and Friends of IMCK -- the fundraising arm that originally conceived of and established the endowment in 2011.

Governing documents, financial reports and other materials can be seen by clicking here and then scrolling down.

  • Administration & Billing Administration & Billing An old computer
  • Cashier Cashier
  • Board of Directors Board of Directors
  • Hospital Administrator Hospital Administrator
  • Accounting Office Accounting Office

The infrastructure for the IMCK includes a business office with a modern computerized accounting system, Internet connections, a research facility, a pharmacy, a lab, and a 100 acre campus with 20 staff houses in addition to the school and hospital buildings, dormitories, guest houses, mortuary, nutrition center, and a wholly owned and operated 320 KW hydro electric facility that provides reliable power in a country where even the large cities cannot provide consistent electicity.

  • X-Ray X-Ray
  • Vehicles Vehicles
  • Research Center Research Center
  • Pharmacy Pharmacy
  • Oxygen Oxygen
  • Morgue Morgue
  • Student Lab Student Lab
  • Hospital Lab Hospital Lab
  • Fistula Recovery Residence Fistula Recovery Residence
  • Student Dormitory Room Student Dormitory Room
  • Visitor Guest House Visitor Guest House
  • Staff Accommodations Staff Accommodations
  • Hydro-Electric Dam Hydro-Electric Dam
  • Kitchen Kitchen
  • Refectory Refectory
  • Auditorium/Refectory Auditorium/Refectory
  • Airstrip Airstrip

IMCK is located on a 100 acre campus about ten miles south of Kananga, the sixth largest city in the Congo (~1 million) and capital of the Central Kasai province.  IMCK operates the PAX clinic in downtown Kanaga.  Kananga is served by a commercial airport and railroad station

The Central Kasai province itself is located in the south-central part of the Congo, bordering on Angola.  Kananga lies about 500 air miles east of the capital and largest city, Kinshasa.  It is about 530 north-west of Lubumbashi, the second largest city and capital of Katanga and about 460 south of Kisangani, the fourth largest city.  It is a 15 minute flight from Mbuji-Mayi, the county's third largest city.

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Central Africa Central Africa
  • On the Map On the Map Of Africa
  • IMCK Location IMCK Location In the map of DR Congo
  • Sattelite View Sattelite View Of Kananga area
  • Cong-U.S. Overlay Cong-U.S. Overlay Look closely for the ghost of the U.S. map.
  • Congo Health Zones Congo Health Zones Central Congo on Angola border
  • Mt. Nyiragongo Mt. Nyiragongo In the eastern Congo
  • River Boat Seller on the Congo River Boat Seller on the Congo Congo River runs from the north to the west of IMCK
  • Mbuji-Mayi Diamond Market Mbuji-Mayi Diamond Market Neighboring city
  • Lulua River Lulua River Near IMCK
  • Kinshasa Philharmonic Kinshasa Philharmonic Only indigenous philharmonic orchestra in Africa
  • Ndjili Airport Ndjili Airport In Kinshasa
  • Refugees Refugees In the eastern Congo on the Rwanda and Uganda borders




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