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An ALTERNATIVE GIVING program involves:

  • A list of items (which are parts of some worthy project), at various prices, that people can choose from to donate to in lieu of giving a present to someone for some occasion.
  • A sheet which they can fill out for the program organizers, indicating their choice(s) and the total amount of the check they will write. (This may be filled out in duplicate or with a tear-off section if they need to keep a copy of the information for themselves).
  • Cards which can be sold to them separately or given to them in response to their donation, which they can then send to the person who will not be receiving an otherwise expected gift. The card announces what project the person's gift money was given to, instead of a gift for them, and generally tells the person that this was done in their name or their honor.

Click on the indicated places below for samples of each of the above three items that you can copy or download onto your computer and modify as needed for your own ALTERNATIVE GIVING event. If you need more, Click here to order other supplies and materials from MBF.


Click here for general and special project donations.

Click here for donations to the IMCK Endowment Fund.


LISTS OF ITEMS -- Click here for the list of items we have here on our website. You can pick and choose whatever is appropriate for your event. However, please do not overlook the ENDOWMENT FUND. By its very nature, the amount cannot be priced because it cannot be broken down into discrete elements and any amount will help. But we hope you will present it at several different dollar levels because it is too important to be ignored. If you want still more list ideas, click here for the list that MBF has to offer.

SIGN-UP SHEET -- Click here for a sample format for an alternative giving shopping list. It is in ".rtf" format, which is fairly universal but you will be asked what program (eg: Microsogt Office, WordPad, etc.) you want to use. We did it this way so that once you open it and make whatever changes you need to make, you can "save as" right onto your own computer for printing, further editing, etc. It assumes some sort of event, such as a Christmas or Mothers Day "Fair" to which people will come and sign up. It also assumes several different categories of alternative giving with different project items and amounts to choose from. However, it can be changed as necessary to fit your needs. The areas with red font and yellow background are the ones we assume you will need to change, and then remove the yellow background and change the red font to black before saving.

SAMPLE CARDS -- The samples below are designed to produce two folded cards on a single letter-sized page, printed on both sides. Scroll down and look at them. The top two samples are the fronts and backs of four possible variations while the bottom two are four possible insides of the folded cards. Visualize that at the end of the process, you will have printed two fronts and backs on one side of a page (top and bottom) and two insides on the other. You will have cut the paper horizontally along the dark line (which does not print) and you will have folded each card vertically so that the front is on the front, the insides are inside and the back is on the back.

If you are doing Christmas cards only, with no changes, you can select the two sides of your cards by clicking here (FRONT-AND-BACK) and here (INSIDE) and skip the next paragraph, going on the one after it for the rest of your instructions.

First, you should choose the sample below that comes closest to your needs. You then click on it to open it as a word processing document (you will need MS Word or a compatible program). You will then edit it (either the top or bottom sample, depending on which you have chosen to work with) as necessary. Once that is done, if it is the top sample on the page, you will copy and paste it to the bottom so that you have two copies of the same thing, top and bottom, on the page. If you have chosen to work with the bottom sample on a page, the copying process will be reversed, with the same end result -- two copies of the same thing, top and bottom. You follow the same procedure for both a front-and-back page and an inside page.

It is suggested that you then print those two pages on the two sides of a plain piece of letter paper, cut it and fold it to be sure you have done everything correctly. Once you are satisfied, use "save as" and save everything to your own computer. Now you are ready to print the real things. Staples and Office Depot both have card stock that is pre-serrated along the horizontal tear line and has slight grooves along the vertical center line to facilitate folding. Select the highest quality print on your printer and you are ready to go!

Please note that in editing, you can change any of the wording as well as the shape, color and style of the headings, etc. Also, if you want to mix and match pictures from the various samples, download them all and copy/paste the pictures from one place to another at will. Be aware, however, that all pictures are contained inside "text boxes" which must be retained so that you can move the pictures around and position and resize them as needed. These text boxes are invisible until you click somewhere along the edges of the pictures to find them. If that is all a new language to you, better to consult with someone who has a modicum of word processing experience, lest you spend some frustrating hours experimenting. But with a little luck and skill, it should work well for you!



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